(A Corporation not for profit)



A Corporation not for profit

Revision date: November 1, 2011

Approved date: December 07, 2011

                                      ARTICLE I

The name of the Association shall be the MICHIGAN AQUATIC MANAGERS ASSOCIATION.


                                      ARTICLE II

The purpose of the Association shall be to assist in promoting the management of aquatic vegetation, to provide for the scientific and educational advancement of members, to encourage scientific research, to promote an exchange of information among members, to extend and develop public interest in the discipline, and to participate in any Legislative procedures at any level of government that oversees the use and/or enforcement of the laws, regulations, policies, guidance, and funding governing the use of aquatic pesticides or other forms of aquatic plant management in the waters of the State of Michigan.


                                      ARTICLE III

Section A. All memberships shall be subject to the approval of the officers of the Association.  There shall be the following classes of membership:

 a) Active Member: Any person representing a company or organization specializing, solely or in part, in aquatic plant management interested in the advancement of the Association and its goals.

 b) Associate Member: Any additional person representing a company or organization that is currently an Active Member.

 Section B.  All Active Members in good standing with current dues paid in full shall have the right to one (1) vote.  Associate Members do not vote unless as a designated proxy for an Active Member.

 Section C.  The Officers of the Association may, by a majority vote, revoke membership for just cause, including but not limited to: non-payment of dues, violation of the by-laws or any other lawful rule or practice duly adopted by the Association, or any other conduct prejudicial to the interests of the Association.  In events other than non-payment of dues, a statement of the charges shall have been mailed by certified or registered mail to the Active or Associate Member at least fifteen (15) days before further action by the Officers of the Association is taken.

 Section D.  Any Active or Associate Member may resign by filing a written resignation with the Secretary of the Association, but such resignations shall not relieve the resigning Member of obligation to pay any past dues, assessments, or other charges that have accrued or are unpaid.

                                       ARTICLE IV



Section A.  All directors and officers shall have been active members in good standing for two years prior to being elected.  The officers of the Association shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director at Large.

 Section B.  President:  The President shall preside at all business meetings of the Association. The President shall discharge such other duties as usually pertains to such office and upon completion of his/her term.  The President shall approve payments and disbursements that are necessary to the operation of the Association.

 Section C.  Vice-President:  The Vice-President shall exercise the powers and perform the duties of the President in the absence, disability, or a vacancy in the office of President.  He/she shall also perform such duties as may be assigned by the President.  Vice President or his/her designee shall also attend the annual meeting of the Aquatic Plant Management Society and act as the authorized representative of the Association.  The Vice-President shall succeed to President upon ratification of the Active Members present and voting if the President resigns before his/her term expires.

 Section D.  Secretary:  The Secretary shall keep complete minutes of all meetings of the Association.  He/she is responsible for the maintenance of membership records and roster and shall issue notices of meetings and conduct such correspondence as is usually conducted by such office of similar organizations. 

 Section E.  Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall collect and receipt all income and deposit promptly all funds of the Association in such depository as approved and designated by the officers of the Association.  The Treasurer, upon approval by the President, shall sign checks in payment of obligations of the Association and he/she shall pay all bills and make such other disbursements as necessary to the operations of the Association.  He/she shall make a true and full report of the financial condition of the Association at meetings, if necessary.  He/she shall provide for an audit of all books and fiscal documents of the Association by the Internal Audit Committee on an annual basis.  The financial statement as prepared during the audit shall be included as part of the annual proceedings of the Association.

 Section F.  Director-At-Large:  The Director-At-Large shall assist in administering the affairs of the Association as directed by the President. 

                                         ARTICLE V


The officers of the Association, being President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director at Large shall hold office for four (4) years.  All officers may succeed themselves as voted by the members.




Officers of the Association shall be elected by simple majority vote of the voting members present at the annual meeting at the conclusion of the officers four (4) year term.  Newly elected officers will begin their duties at the close of the meeting at which they are elected.

Any Officer may resign at any time by giving written notice to the President or any other Officer(s) of the Association.  Resignation shall take effect at the specified time, or if no time is specified, at the time of acceptance as determined by the President or the remaining Officers.  Any Officer may be removed by a majority vote of the Officers of the Association as well as Active Members attending the Annual or any other designated special meeting. 

 Vacancies in the office of President between terms shall automatically be filled through succession in the following order: Vice- President, Secretary, Treasurer, and then Director at Large.  The President shall fill all other vacancies except President through appointment. 




A quorum for any meeting of the Association shall consist of not less than five (5) voting members, or 10% of the membership, whichever is smaller and at least three (3) of whom shall be officers of the Association.


                                       ARTICLE VIII


All motions and resolutions presented at any meeting of the Association involving matters of policy, administration, or business shall be referred to the officers of the Association who shall consider the same and report the recommendation back to the Association.  Should any matter require immediate action by the Association, such matters may be considered immediately by consent of the majority of the active members present and voting.

                                             ARTICLE IX


Section A.  At a minimum, there shall be an annual meeting of the Association for the presentation and discussion of pertinent information on aquatic plant management, legislative issues, and related subjects and such other business as may be properly brought before it.  Such annual meeting shall be held in such time and place as the officers of the Association may decide.  At least thirty (30) day’s notice shall be given to all members as to time and place of the annual meeting.


Section B.  Special meetings of the Association may be held whenever the officers of the Association deems such meetings necessary or whenever five (5) or more active members shall make a written request thereof presented to the Secretary.  Such request shall be placed with the officers of the Association, which shall designate a time and place for such special meeting.  The Secretary shall give written notice of all special meetings of the Association to all members at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of such special meeting.




The fiscal year of the Association shall be the calendar year January 1st through December 31st.

                                         ARTICLE XI


The annual dues and special assessments of members shall be determined by a majority vote of the membership at the Annual meeting, upon recommendation of the officers of the Association.  The full payment of dues by members shall be paid within 90 days to be considered “in good standing” with the Association.  Any member who has not paid the required dues and/or special assessment dues within 90 days of receiving a request for dues payment (invoice, etc…) shall no longer be considered “in good standing” with the Association and is not eligible to vote.  A member may be dismissed from the Association by simple majority vote if past dues are not paid by the end of that fiscal year (December 31st).



As of 2005 the dues structure is as follows:

Active Members                                   $200.00 paid yearly

Associate Members                             $100.00 paid yearly




Standing committees shall be recommended by the President and approved by the officers of the Association to serve during his/her term as President of the Association.  Standing Committees are as follows:


  • By-laws Committee: This committee shall consist of not less than two (2) members.
  • Internal Audit Committee: This committee shall consist of at least two (2) members who shall audit the books and fiscal documents of the Association annually, prior to the annual meeting.
  • Legislative Committee: This committee shall consist of not less than two (2) members.
  • Membership Committee: This committee shall consist of at least (2) members one of which must be an officer of the Association.  The Committee shall recommend to the Association candidates for election to the offices of the Association.
  • Science Advisory Committee:  This committee shall consist of not less than two (2) members.
  • Special Committee(s): This committee(s) can be determined as needed for the conduct of Association business.
  • Web Page Committee: This committee shall consist of as many members as may be appointed by the committee chair.




  • Business sessions of the Association shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.


                                       ARTICLE XIV


These by-laws may be amended by a majority vote of the Active Members present at any annual meeting, provided the notice of the proposed amendment has been given in writing to the Secretary and transmitted by him/her to such members thirty (30) days before the annual meeting.  Associate Members do not vote unless as proxy for an Active Member.


                                                 ARTICLE XV


This Code of Standards or Conflict for Officers and Members of the Michigan Aquatic Managers Association has been adopted to promote and maintain the high standards of Association service and conduct among it’s Officers and members.  Adherence to the Standards is expected from Officers and the members of the Association and serves to assure the public confidence in the integrity and service of the Association Officers and members.


As a condition of status as an Officer or member of the Michigan Aquatic Managers Association, persons in these positions agree to:


  • Maintain the highest standard of personal conduct and use only legal and ethical means in all Association activities.  To uphold all laws and regulations relating to the Association’s policies and activities in the discharge of responsibilities as an Officer or member of the Association.


  • Adhere to and communicate all Association internal and external statements and policies in a truthful and accurate manner and maintain the integrity of the Association proprietary information and assets.  Officers and members shall serve the Association providing no     special privilege to any individual member and accept no consideration from the Association or a member except with full disclosure and with the knowledge and consent of the members of the Association. 


  • Take all steps necessary to protect Association assets and recognize the interests of the Association in all property developed by and/or acquired by the Association for use in it’s endeavors.  All Officers and members agree to adhere to the principles of fiduciary obligation owed to the Association and agree that the Association shall take all necessary and reasonable steps to protect itself from misappropriation of Association property and opportunities. Accordingly, the Officers and members of the Association agree to not assume a position in conflict of interest with the policies, procedures, or programs pursued by the Association in the process of furthering the legitimate purpose for which it was formed.  This by-law shall not be construed to stifle competition, limit production, restrain trade, regulate prices, or result in a pooling of profits. 


  • Failure to adhere to the requirements of the Code of Standards of Conduct set forth above shall constitute a breach of these by-laws providing the Officers of the Association adequate grounds to sanction such conduct including expulsion from office or membership of the Association.




The Association shall have perpetual existence, but if dissolved, its assets shall be donated to a non-profit organization for research on aquatic vegetation, which will be selected by the last officers of the Association.


The above and foregoing by-laws of the Michigan Aquatic Managers Association have been adopted on December 7, 2011.